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2010-Jul-3 05:07 - Bounce Baby Bounce!

Chavon Taylor from

Chavon Taylor
Science bounces forward! Scientists actually study the movement of breasts in motion. Breasts actually move just as much during a slow jog or a fast sprint, and breasts move in three dimensions including forward and back. The larger the breasts are, the more pressure it puts on the shoulders. This often keeps busty girls away from sporting activities. In the second chapter of the Voluptuous feature movie Bounce Baby Bounce!, our hero Anthony has completely lost his mind studying the science of boobs. He claims he’s invented a device that can control hot girls. He can slow them down. He can speed them up. We told you. The man is coo-coo. Enter Chavon Taylor for a breast-bouncing workout in his sports lab. As she bounces her juicy knockers on the mini-trampoline, Anthony slows her down, then speeds her up. Another of Anthony’s experiments involves…what else?…hot pounding positions. “What a fine specimen,” he tells Chavon as he lays back for a sloppy blow job and tit-fuck photographed brilliantly in point-of-view. Chavon sure knows how to treat a guy right. After her fleshy knockers have lavished their attention on his fuck-stick, it’s time for Chavon to play Bounce Baby Bounce! on it. He fills her pussy deep as her tits rotate in all directions and in all time-space continuums. We can only pray that his machine doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. By the time they finish the boob experiment, their bodies are drenched in sweat and Chavon’s sexy jugs are doused in man-goo. Maybe Anthony’s not so crazy after all… Running Time: 31:30
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2010-Jul-2 21:07 - Shyla Shy’s Long, Hot Summer

Shyla Shy from

Shyla Shy
Do you know Shyla Shy? First of all, she’s great! Second of all, she’s fucking great! Shyla is the kind of girl Voluptuous editors have REM-level dreams about with accompanying nocturnal emissions about. Shyla comes to us courtesy of a boob man who thinks like you do. When he sees a girl, he zones in on her tits first and lingers there. Shyla makes her Voluptuous magazine debut in the July ‘09 issue (available late April). One reason Shyla was drawn to sowing her wild oats for was her now ex-boyfriend. “Whenever we were in bed, my ex-boyfriend didn’t want to fuck me normally, he just wanted to fuck my tits, and he always wanted to cum on my tits,??? Shyla explained in an interview. “I’d have to say to him, ???I have a pussy, you know!’ But even walking around the house, whenever I passed him, he’d be handling them all the time, and if we were sitting around watching TV, he’d play with them while we watched. All he wanted to do was fuck my tits, and that got old.??? Shyla has not-so-shy advice for us tit-men because there are times when we probably do get too obsessed with just jugs. “Guys who date girls with big breasts have to know that they’re more than just a pair of tits,??? Shyla emphasized. “Their entire body needs attention. Most guys want to do both. You know, they’ll fuck me, then they’ll tit-fuck me, or sometimes they’ll do it the other way around. I like it better in my pussy, but you gotta keep the guys happy! A lot of guys like me to wrap my boobs around their cock while I’m giving them head. I do that, too.??? Guys like us! Shyla Shy, one smart, sexy girl! We’ll see more of her again soon! Shyla’s Voluptuous covergirl magazine debut is July ‘09, available in April. Watch Shyla Shy’s Long Hot Summer right now only on! Running Time: 25:28 See the photos from Shyla’s video in Hardcore Special.
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2010-Jul-2 13:14 - Bounce Baby Bounce!

Delotta Brown from

Delotta Brown
Delotta Brown knows that horny breast-men have to see girls like her Bounce Baby Bounce! Skipping rope is a great way to get those juicy cantaloupes to shake, rotate, accelerate and circumnavigate. No bikini top can hold those babies from spilling out. Delotta’s pancake-sized areolae only add to her breast beauty. Her nipples are so suckable, they’re fuckable. And that’s what Mr. Surelick Holmes has in mind after Delotta jumps for him. Get her inside, squeeze ???em, worship ???em, suck ???em, kiss ???em and fuck ???em. Fuck ???em good. Suck ???em good until her nipples are hard and pointed. Get boob-battered in the face. “Are you still breathing under there???? Delotta asks, laughing. A mindreader, she spits on the cock to lube it as it plows between her jugs. Prepare yourself for an extended tit and mouth fucking encounter because when Delotta’s at hand, it’s the breast thing to do. When Mr. Holmes pumps Delotta from behind, her hangers continue to swing like bell clappers. The sweet sound of breasts slapping against each other fills the room. No other music is needed. Delotta proudly says, “I love when men suck on my tits. A guy can suck on my tits for a half hour and I’d be happy.??? Delotta Brown: a girl who puts her mouth where her melons are. Running Time: 22:58
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2010-Jul-2 05:07 - Indianna Jaymes in Teacher Knows Breast

Indianna Jaymes from

Indianna Jaymes
Detention has progressed since we’ve experienced it. We never had a steaming-hot teacher who looked like SCORE Girl Indianna Jaymes or had a teacher with giant gazongas bulging out of her tight top. She’s no one to piss off, but she is someone to fuck around with as this punk is about to learn in the SCORE video, Teacher Knows Breast. He’s tried to disrupt the school but was caught by Miss Jaymes. She tosses the jerk into detention. In detention, no one can hear you scream. Miss Jaymes decides to get some nipple sucking time in. The door is locked and the principal is probably banging his secretary anyway. Seth has never seen hooters this big before and eagerly tries his best. Miss Jaymes is a tough bitch and doesn’t take any shit from anyone. When she wants cock, she gets it. But she’s also a giver, not just a taker. Seth will discover the joys of two giant tits squashing his cock as well as the slurpy lips of Miss Jaymes going up and down the shaft. She has an experienced mouth, a mouth that could suck a 16-ounce soft drink in one gulp. “Bite my ass,” she orders him. Bossy, isn’t she? Usually she’s the one who chews out someone’s ass in detention. That desk looks like a sturdy surface to fuck on. It’s a good thing Miss Jaymes locked the door. Nobody needs the janitor coming in to jack off just as she’s about to enjoy a load of nut-juice all over her. “I’ve had a teacher fantasy for years,” said Indianna. “Now I’ve lived it.” See the Indianna Jaymes pictorial in Hardcore Special. Class dismissed!
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2010-Jul-1 21:10 - Sabina Leigh in Bounce Baby Bounce!

Sabina Leigh from

Sabina Leigh
Sabina Leigh enjoys a little one-on-one game of hoops now and then. The Voluptuous sexologist is good at dribbling and tossing balls. Her uniform is perfect: Tight shorts and a tight tank top over a bra. A girl’s got to keep those babies supported during an athletic competition, right? And we’re happy she chose it for this chapter of Bounce Baby Bounce! But the heat and humidity make Sabina pull off her top. Now we’re treated to the splendiferous sight of her breast-meat jiggling under her brassiere. Bounce, Sabina, Bounce! All that boob flesh quaking and shaking sends Ashley’s nuts into overdrive. He ends the game by grabbing Sabina and feasting on her nipples. That drives her crazy. She tit fucks his hard cock and orally worships it until they have to fuck right then and there. They throw a blanket on the grass so he can drive it into her tight pussy deep and fast. Totally naked, except for socks and sneakers, She lays on her back to take his dick in a missionary position. This position allows her boobs to splay to the sides, hands-off, as he pounds her and is one of the greatest sights to see in a breast-sex video. Sabina is the silent type, and just quietly moans as Ashley works her over hard. You can tell Sabina’s really into it…only the cock inside her matters to her at this point. She’s definitely got the magic and inspires a deep screwing. Being a sexologist helps a chick out. “Most guys want me to have sex with them when I tell them I’m a sex researcher,” Sabina says. “They say I can use them for research.” We say, keep bouncing, Sabina! Running Time: 16:29
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2010-Jul-1 13:11 - A Special Week For A Special Girl

Maggie Green from

Maggie Green
Welcome to “Maggie Green Week.” Only two other models-Merilyn Sakova and Jessica Turner-have had entire weeks devoted to them at Scoreland, so Maggie is in special company.Which seems right because Maggie is very special.

Over the next week, you’re going to see every inch of this 42-29-38 beauty from every angle, but you’re also going to learn a lot about her. In other words, you’re going to get to know the real Maggie Green.

For starters, she’s 5′6″, 135 pounds and measures 42-29-38. She was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and now lives in Los Angeles, California. Her hobbies are running, biking, playing with her dog, drinking wine, watching movies, flashing strangers in public, lying on the beach, watching hot chicks in bikinis, traveling and dancing.

“I like guys who are open and honest,” she said. “I am not impressed by name-dropping or the size of someone’s wallet but by what makes up a man’s character. Being funny and witty will impress me. And showing an interest in me as a person, not just my boobs, will get you somewhere.”

If that’s the case, by Friday, we’re all going to be candidates for Maggie’s affection. She’s the girl-next-door of your dreams. This week, your dreams are coming true.

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2010-Jul-1 05:18 - Hanging Around With Maggie

Maggie Green from

Maggie Green
It’s Day Two of “Maggie Green Week,” and today we’re going to continue to get to know Maggie better by exploring both sides of her personality: The casual, laid-back side and the glamorous side. Both sides will be seen in today’s photos and videos. In one, Maggie’s wearing a little, cleavage-revealing lingerie top with tiny Daisy Duke shorts that go right up her luscious butt crack. In the other, she’s wearing a fancy red dress, something she might wear on a date with a special person…like you!

“The way I dress usually depends on my mood and where I’m going,” Maggie said. “Sometimes I feel like laying low and wearing jeans and a T-shirt. When I want to feel sexy and attract attention, I make sure to put on a low-cut tank top and a bra that gives me major cleavage. But if you saw me out shopping, I’d probably be wearing a tank top and a casual pair of jeans or a denim skirt.”
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2010-Jun-30 21:21 - Born To Be Naked

Alia Janine from

Alia Janine
Alia Janine hates to see dirty things. She has a beautiful, busty body and appreciates beauty all around her. That’s why she had to do something about this dirty ATV, a beauty of mechanical engineering in the same way that Alia’s chassis is a beauty of nature. One of the most-enjoyable sights in life is seeing a hot chick washing a vehicle on a sunny day. Big, soapy tits under a sopping wet T-shirt and a man-pleasing ass wrapped in tight shorts. That’s the true meaning of life. And that’s the theme of this video. “I usually dress in T-shirts and tank tops, unless I’m going out to someplace nice. Then I’ll wear a tight dress or miniskirt,” says Alia, who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lives on the west coast of Florida. In Wisconsin, the girls can’t run around all year in tank tops and boy shorts, but they can in Florida. So with her body, Alia’s made a good choice in geographic locations. Alia calls herself a, “clothing removal technician,” a job position more girls with the right bodies should fill. She only began this fabric disposal operation in November 2008 and decided to finally make it her life’s calling. We say that was a wise decision. With her kind of assets, she seemed a natural to hookup with SCORE right off the snap. She also describes herself as, “a slightly above-average nerd, with a porn-star body, a sarcastically dry, yet witty personality. And I party like a rock star.” Nerd? If she’s a nerd, we need to meet more nerds like Alia! Oh, and at the end of this video, make sure to wait for a coming attraction announcement that’ll rev your engines. Welcome to Scoreland, Alia. Glad to have you aboard. Alia makes her SCORE magazine debut in our all-natural September ‘09 issue, on sale at newsstands worldwide in June. And there you have it, another bra-busting new discovery from your buds at SCORE.
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2010-Jun-30 13:06 - Bounce Baby Bounce!

Sunshine from

Bounce Baby Bounce! bounces off into the record book with one of the greatest bouncers of them all, the always-bubbly Sunshine, a longtime favorite of numerous Scorelanders. Sunshine’s T-shirt announces her arrival and her plan for the afternoon. She’s here today to shake, roll and jiggle those sensational 38 F-cup sucklers that seem to grow bigger and bigger every time we see her. Check out her earlier Scoreland videos and pictorials to see what we mean. These are a pair of the best and heaviest tits in 15 years of Voluptuous. First, Sunshine bounces on a workout ball to warm up. She’s also brought her crazy bouncing shoes, one of the strangest gizmos a girl has ever used in a Voluptuous video. The inventor of this device deserves a Nobel Prize. Should we use these again with another babe in the future? Does your head bounce up and down in sync with Sunshine’s boobs? Sunshine’s bouncing is addictive. She can’t stop bouncing. Not even when she’s got a cock in her mouth or while she’s licking balls. She can’t stop bouncing while she’s getting fucked in a bunch of hot positions. It’s a fitting climax to Bounce Baby Bounce! that we wrap it up with one of the bounciest babes to ever boff a boner in the Scoreland studio, the mammalicious Sunshine. Running Time: 23:30
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2010-Jun-30 05:08 - Toni Is A Wide Load Nympho

Toni Evans from

Toni Evans
Although she’s not well known in the U.S. (except by American tit-men), Toni Evans (aka Kirstyn) is a true superstar in the U.K. porn world. She is practically a national treasure, along with the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, Toni was appropriately known as “Jugs” in school. She was boasting jumbo DDD-cup sweater missiles while her classmates still had mosquito bites. Toni’s debut in Voluptuous magazine was in the September ‘96 issue, and, since then, Toni has periodically graced V-Mag with her lush presence. Her peaches and cream skin, her wholesome, innocent-looking face and her blonde doll-like appearance are in contrast to her ravenous appetite for wild sex. “I was in Stringfellows, the famous British nightclub, and Linsey Dawn McKenzie came up to me,” Toni remembered. “The more I stayed in London, the more wild I became. I wasn’t like one of these girls who’d be going round flashing my tits everywhere but I would always wear the most provocative outfit I could get away with.” Since that day, Toni’s become one of Britain’s hottest porn stars. See Toni’s fast and furious XXX video from Wide Load Nymphos in Voluptuous Theater!
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2010-Jun-29 21:24 - London Andrews In Tits On Top

London Andrews from

London Andrews
London Andrews! She’s an awesome girl, gorgeous, stacked and succulent. Like the best Voluptuous Girls, she’s a great “model,” yet everything about her has those girl-next-door qualities. She’s done only a few full-sex videos for SCORE. (And none, it seems, for anyone else.) This is the best and the hottest of all of them. It’s like you were wearing a P.O.V. helmet cam. In Tits On Top, London beckons you closer. What man could resist her? She wants you to spray her with oil and hands you the bottle. Her tits glisten and shine. “Give them a squeeze,” London cheerfully asks you. “Can you imagine fucking those? You can ride my tits. They’re all lubed up for you. You wanna ride ‘em?” The brunette’s slippery boobs make sliding between them a delight. She climbs on top of you and applies more tit-pressure, holding the base of your cock steady with one hand. The feeling and sensation of her breast-skin on your dick is the greatest. You both need to fuck. She pulls off her dress. Your eyes drink in London’s beautiful body. She mounts you and now your cock is being ridden hard by this beauty. London wants to suck and lick your cock so she pops your throbbing dick out of her pussy and goes down on it, tasting her pussy juices on it. After she’s had her second helping of man-meat in her mouth, London gets on her back so you can see her tits bounce, wobble, quake and splay as you fuck her in a good ol’ missionary position. The sight of this, your dick in her, is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. She stares at you and begs for more thrusting. You plunge in her until she’s satisfied. She grabs your cock again to suck and jack. What a girl! What a fantastic sex partner London Andrews is! It’s only a matter of seconds before you launch a load of goo that shellacs her boobs like that oil did. Running Time: 22:45
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2010-Jun-29 13:06 - Topheavy Pole Slider

Alia Janine from

Alia Janine
In a must-read story your SCORE editors wrote for the October ‘08 edition, “The Uncensored Guide To Lap Dancing,” we offered brilliant advice and words of wisdom. “A strip club is not the place to find untouched virgins who you’re going to bring home to mama. The stage is where it all happens. The stage is where you get to find out how down and dirty a girl really is.” And since nailing a busty stripper is one of the #1 fantasies for many guys, and for all of the guys who go to strip clubs, prepare to get a giant hard-on watching sexy SCORE newcomer Alia Janine in her XXX follow-up to her first SCORE video, Born To Be Naked. This video’s called Top-heavy Pole Slider and it takes place in the kind of strip club where dreams and wishes come true. If you think Alia is great wrapped around a hard metal pole on stage, don’t miss seeing her wrap her soft lips and big tits around a salami pole. This totally awesome babe says that she watches porn when she masturbates. She’s hot, she’s horny, she loves attention, she loves to raise flagpoles and she’s ready to hit that stage and get the hell fucked out of her. She’s not bad…she’s just built like that. Why, any man would be honored to get a lap dance from her!
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2010-Jun-29 05:18 - April & Tera In Tits On Top

April McKenzie from

April McKenzie
What could be better than coming home after a day at work to a busty hottie all dolled-up and hot for you? Nothing could be better! April also has a surprise. A big surprise. And it’s not Chinese food. But she is a dish. Tera Cox! Gift-wrapped in a box. All for you. “Now you have four tits instead of two,” April says sweetly. “Is it better to have two than one?” Is this the ultimate guy dream? Having two girl-next-door types with huge, natural hooters ready to make you happy? Coming home to your man-cave and getting the full treatment from two big-boobed Voluptuous babes? They suck your cock, rub it between their soft, rounded cleavage and fuck it until blast-off. It doesn’t get better than this, Boob Brother. The incredibly stacked Tera only did two XXX videos in total: Tits On Top and Pounding The Pledges (coming soon to Scoreland). Running Time: 21:15
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2010-Jun-28 21:08 - More Heavenly Hooters

Angel Gee from

Angel Gee
Angel Gee is back in her April ‘09 SCORE magazine covergirl debut along with a matching video. Before meeting the boys and girls at The SCORE Group, Angel had never done video before. Surprising but true! “I’d done fantasy shows before as a dancer so they were live shows but never on video,” Angel said. “It was my first time for that. I’m a very sexual girl and I like to bring it out so it shows on film. I liked video and want to do more of them. It’s like being on stage in a club in some ways. Very sexual. Teasing. Slow and sexy. When I was dancing, I liked the guys to be right there. My last song was where I’d take my thong off, so I’d lay right down on the stage in front of them. It was as if it was them taking my thong off of me instead of myself. And I’d be laying there on the stage, and my pussy would be right there in their faces. So when I make videos, I think the same way. I love my body. I’m comfortable in my skin, and I love to have guys wanting me. It’s a big turn-on to be the center of attention and all eyes are on me and it’s my show!” And Angel Gee’s a showstopper big-topper top-popper, for sure. See Angel’s pictorial from this video in April ‘09 SCORE. Running Time: 20:48.
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2010-Jun-28 13:07 - Reach For The Skye

Sierra Skye from

Sierra Skye
We’re not claiming that Florida gets more than its fair share of sexy and curvy babes than any place else. Sierra Skye is one of Florida’s prime assets, and when she saw, Sierra knew she had found the place to strut her fine stuff. Stunt-cock Seth starts off this video with a brief interview, nothing too involved, mainly boob talk, before Sierra strips off for a fast and furious tool-pushing. “I have a very high sex drive so I’m always horny,” says Sierra. “I have a pretty big collection of toys so there’s always something different to play around with, but nothing is better than getting real cock. I like pleasing guys and being pleased. I’m only 22 so I want to have fun. Once I get to know a guy, I’m probably more assertive because I lose that shyness. But usually with a new guy, I’m passive and expect him to take charge. I’m not looking to settle down for a long time. I’ve made out with a few girls but I’ve never gone all the way. In this video, Seth was very aggressive and set the pace. He took charge of me sexually and I liked that. I like a booty call to tell me what to do.” See Sierra’s photos in Scoreland’s Hardcore Special. Her Voluptuous magazine debut is the June ‘09 issue. Reach for the Skye! Running Time: 20:03.
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2010-Jun-28 05:11 - Tits On Top: Skyie Blew

Skyie Blew from

Skyie Blew
Not a girl to spend time on reasons or set-ups (“Hi, I’m the cable man.”) when greeting Captain Cock, Skyie Blew gets on her knees fast and just dives right on your lap, fully clothed, to grind her chest against your lump. Your cock is still in your pants. Skyie lifts up her top, brasierre still on, to rub her chest on your rapidly swelling junk. She even licks the front of your jeans! Now that’s eagerness to please. “Come on, come on,” Skyie begs, staring at you. Pleading. Requesting. Skyie is gagging for it. She wants love tool. Are you ready to fuck the shit out of her? She unbuttons your jeans and pulls your underwear down. This chick is maid material! What a cock-cleaning service! Still fully dressed, her huge tits encased in her tight bra showing many inches of cleavage, Skyie shoves your stiff staff of man-power in her drooling mouth. Kissing it. Licking it. Sucking it. Stroking it. She does a trick she learned at SCORE: sticking it between her great tits under her bra. This helps to secure your dick in her cleavage hands-free as she breast-bangs it and sucks it. Genius, no? It’s like a book-mark for tits. After a hard boob-boffing, Skyie lifts up her bra to reveal her large melons in their naked glory. Do you think Skyie’s tongue would neglect your sac? No worries, Boob Brother. Her slurpy mouth hits the spot sending waves of excitement through your balls’ nerve endings. And now it’s time to fuck Skyie. Ram her hard, just the way she says she likes it. Take her to town and show her the sights! Skyie deserves a lot more mail and member feedback about her than she’s gotten. Maybe this hot Tits On Top encounter will boost your opinion of Skyie’s very horny, very busty talents and desire to give up everything she’s got. So give her your jack. Don’t keep a nice girl waiting. Please. Running Time: 17:58
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2010-Jun-27 21:10 - Double Vision

Emily Cartwright from

Emily Cartwright
Sharing a bathroom with Emily Cartwright would be a very…interesting…experience, to say the least. Here’s something we’ve never seen in a Scoreland video. A girl spraying car vinyl cleaner on her body-hugging rubber dress before. And in a shower. And then she buffs herself all shiny and slippery. Her bust. Her booty. Would Emily detail our car if we asked? Probably not but she would be happy to show us those full, creamy tits and her shaved pussy for as long as we wanted. Quickly into this video, we learn that Emily has gone commando. Emily has a big toy collection and brought one of her faves to this video. She loves those kinky boots and fetish dresses. She rubbed baby powder on her body before she squeezed into this dress. This is a girl who has a kinky nun’s costume in her closet for those late-night fetish club parties. She’s on her way to becoming the big-boobed fetish empress of the United Kingdom. “She is a great model, very sweet,” said our cameraman. See Emily’s latest pictorial in April ‘09 SCORE. Running Time: 14:25
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2010-Jun-27 13:16 - Reyna Mae In Tits On Top

Reyna Mae from

Reyna Mae
Mr. Surrogate Cock doesn’t spend much time interviewing Reyna Mae for Tits On Top. Her heavy ta-tas fascinate him more than her background. Reyna’s the quiet type anyway. He rightfully spends some time caressing and fondling her soft tit-meat before he whips it out. This is why guys become gynecologists and mammographers. You might expect him to also whip out a scale and tape measure but he doesn’t. He does whip out a lady’s disposable shaver and cream to clean off a wisp of pussy hair. Once Reyna’s snatch has been de-haired according to her instructions, Reyna pulls off his jeans and strokes his shaft with her hand and between her jugs, then sucks and licks it slow and easy, staring into the POV camera and taking her time. She climbs on board and bounces away, sinking his cock deep. They switch to doggie and missionary, her boobs swinging and shaking with every thrust. “Jerk off on my tits,” she says. And he does, coating her fleshy pillows with moo goo guy goo. “I was the most popular girl in school and I know it was my chest,” Reyna once told us. We knew that, Reyna. Running Time: 26:12
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2010-Jun-27 05:10 - The Ashley Sage Ellison Interview

Ashley Sage Ellison from

Ashley Sage Ellison
Along with Ashley’s covergirl debut in April ‘09 Voluptuous, Scoreland presents a combo interview and bra-modeling video. It was too cold to do anything outdoors so they went inside to try on her boobie-supporters. Now you’ll know how Ashley hooks on her bras in the morning. Ashley’s a beautician by profession and does hair, nails and make-up. All beauticians are into looking their best and as a model working in the beauty biz, that goes triple for Ashley. She likes all the attention and says that guys are more interested in her tits than her tush. “I get a lot of attention wherever I go. I’ve never had a really bad experience.” When she’s not working and goes out at night, Ashley likes to go to the movies or out dancing. During the weekend, she likes to hit the mall.”I love to go shopping when I’m not working,” Ashley says. “In the United Kingdom, we have quite a few good shopping centers. I like to buy jeans, bags and shoes. Especially shoes. I think I have a shoe fetish. But I have to order my bras on the Internet.” Get to know Ashley better in this introductory video and prepare to be charmed and awed. May 15th is Ashley’s birthday. We wonder…will she be wearing her birthday suit? Running Time: 12:45
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2010-Jun-26 21:06 - Minka Reloaded

Minka from

After what seemed like too long an absence, Minka’s back on Scoreland with a bang. A big bang. In this second new Scoreland video, Minka seems different. Her body is still smokin’ as usual, but comparing her older videos to this year’s scenes, there’s been a definite change in Minka’s personality. She seems more assertive, more sexually aggressive, more confident of her sex talents and powers. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she thrusts her chest out, those eye-popping tits straining the straps of her 44KK Sears bra under her tight, red blouse. Minka talks dirtier than she ever did, dropping the F-word liberally, and there’s a more sexually assured glint in her eyes now. She’s more dominant, less submissive, than she was in the past. She pulls down Carlos’ pants aggressively and she directs him in how he should fuck her huge tits by sliding his cock under her bra. (This is a great way to keep tits squeezed together hands-free for boob-sex and gives the cock a tighter passage to slide through.) Her voice has a more demanding, urgent tone and her lips form a snarl as she talks sex. Minka has evolved into a tigress. Or a cougar? Is it all that competitive tennis Minka’s been playing, super-sexing her body and spirit? Carlos has never fucked a woman with tits this big, never met the world’s #1 Asian big-boob queen before. Her tits fascinate him. He finds that Minka’s tight, shiny-wet pussy is a pleasurable fit for his pipe and her nipples noticeably lengthen and stiffen when he sucks them. As soon as Minka gets on top to slide down the pole, she takes pleasure in riding it nasty and rough. When they’ve finished screwing, she takes things into her own hands and aggressively jerks his cock off and catches the load on her tits. Lifting a cum-dipped finger to her mouth, she simply says, “Delicious.??? This is a new Minka with the same mindblowing fantasy body that looks as if it were drawn by Otis Sweat or Duncan Gutteridge. See Minka’s new photos from this sex party in Hardcore Special. Running Time: 16:37
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